Clean Energy Jobs

What are clean energy jobs and what can they do?

The two biggest problems facing our country—and the world—are runaway climate change and rising inequality. We can’t full solve one without addressing the other. If we eliminate racism and poverty but do nothing to address climate pollution, we’ll all be equal on a planet plagued by floods, drought, disease, and disasters. And we can’t win on climate unless we build a bigger and broader movement that meets the needs of the hardest-hit Americans. -Green for All staff

Clean energy jobs aren't in abundance in many states. So, if they were made more accessible, it would be able to solve the problem of both poverty and climate pollution.

The map below shows the amount of clean energy jobs in the United States.

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This scatter plot shows why some states are greener than others

This graph shows industries by green intensity and there predicted employment growth over 10 years.

More green jobs can affect the smallest of towns and the biggest of cities.

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How can we solve the issue of people not getting an adequate standard of living?

In order to solve this issue there are many things that need to be overlooked once more. Although we have the human right that everyone should get an adequate living standard, there are many obstacles getting in the way. For example, many Americans may live comfortably on the amount they earn but once prices of things like milk and food start to skyrocket what happens to their other expenses? How will they get the proper housing and care? Will their children get the education they need to prosper? Will education even be accessible to them because they do not have enough money to pay for proper schooling?

These are questions that government officials have to ask themselves. They must realize that even though it is a human right for every American to live comfortably without falling below the poverty line, many Americans live barely over that line. They struggle to get enough food on the table, proper housing, healthcare and clothing that often they have no choice but to find a way to get something that they naturally should already have. A possible solution to this issue is for the government to actually enforce this human right, to make sure that all Americans live above the poverty line, that all Americans get to live their life comfortably without any worries to whether they can afford to pay for rent or food.